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Send fresh flowers with your greetings to family, friends, or business partners in mainland China! Place orders right here online and we deliver beautiful floral arrangements for you. We guarantee freshness. China flowers delivery net is based on China mainland and have flower chain stores in most cities of china. We offer professional and faithful China flowers delivery and China gifts service in China. You also can use our QuickOrder to send flowers to China if you haven't enough date.

Please note:
Please give us the correct telephone number and cell phone number so that we can find your receiver easily. if the telephone number is not correct, we can't guarantee to send the gifts for you on date. thanks for your cooperation.


1. The following flowers and gifts are delivered to Mainland China, Click here for Hongkong, taiwan, Macau flower delivery.
2.Same day flower delivery in Mainland China.
3. All the prices are included the delivery fee. ( If the recipient is in the countryside, more USD10 will be more added.)

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Just You and Me

Sweet-smelling 24 Mixed Roses

ID: VF176
3 red roses and babybreath with the beautiful vase. This sweet and passionate bouquet of red blooms expresses your true emotions.

Price: USD48
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ID: VF177
3 red roses, some Pink carnations, 2 lilies and green leaves with some green leaves and beautiful vase. it is expresses your true emotions

Price: USD59
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ID: VF178
6 red roses and 6 white roses A mixed rose bouquet of red and white roses. Packaging with a glass vase. Just you and me!!!

Price: USD56
Quick Order

ID: VF179
Sweet-smelling 21 Mixed Roses. This uniquely roses bouquet is perfect to express your feelings which words cannot describe.

Price: USD75
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Red Passion
Red Passion

ID: VF180
Wrapped bouquet of 19 multi-color tulips and some green leaves with a beautiful Vase.

Price: USD79
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ID: VF181
19 yellow roses, 6 pink African chrysanthemum with a beautiful paper. Perfect to express your love, affection, or friendship.

Price: USD78
Quick Order

ID: VF182
12 red roses and 3 pieces white lilies with a flower basket. This sweet and passionate bouquet of red blooms expresses your emotions.

Price: USD68
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ID: VF183
Two lilies and 8 red roses with a flower basket of beauty and elegance.

Price: USD69
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110034.jpg 10022a.jpg

ID: VF184
A mixed bouquet of 12 tulips  in a beautiful vase.

Price: USD59
Quick Order

ID: VF185
Love in all my life.
Wrapped bouquet of 2 white lilies, 9 roses and some green grass with papers.

Price: USD56
Quick Order

ID: VF186
1bottle red wine, 1 box 100g chocolate, 3 pink roses, 3 yellow roses and 6 red roses with a basket. 

Price: USD99
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ID: VF187
12 Red tulips with a beautiful paper.

Price: USD59
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